All your healthcare essentials

Medical, dental, vision and so much more. From programs to support your everyday health to plans that keep you and your family covered in an emergency, AnywhereAIAH offers all the benefits you need to protect your health.

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A healthy mind for a healthy you

Your mental and emotional health is just as important as your physical health. That’s why we offer a variety of benefits to help you and your family with everything from anxiety to burnout to the everyday stress of life.

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Plan for your future with confidence

Anywhere gives you the tools you need to make positive steps toward your family’s financial goals. We offer benefits that help you save for retirement, protect your income, cover the cost of healthcare and much more.

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Support for you and your family

We know your family is important to you. Whether you are looking to grow your family or need some extra support caring for them, we have resources to help.

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Programs that make life easier

Pet insurance, tuition reimbursement, legal assistance… whatever life throws your way, we have benefits to help.

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AnywhereAIAH is proud to offer a selection of great benefits to you and your dependents. Our new and improved benefits website makes it easier to learn about and get access to the support you need, anytime and anywhere.

Healthy Rewards with Navigate

Stay well. Feel awesome. Earn rewards.

Get motivated to make healthy choices through our incentive program: Healthy Rewards with Navigate. You and your covered spouse can earn up to $400 by participating in various challenges, screenings and exams. This program is available to all employees, even if you’re not enrolled in a medical plan.

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Jack’s Story

I’m Jack and I’m all about being healthy, but I don’t need to use my health benefits often. That’s why I’m enrolled in the Cigna Essential Value HSA Plan and increased my HSA contributions. It has the highest deductible, but since I don’t have many health care expenses, or dependents, I save with my lower premiums out of my paycheck.

I do like to skateboard, though, so I enrolled in the Voluntary Accident Plan. If I break a bone, it pays a cash benefit to me that I can use for my deductible or any other expenses.